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Website privacy policy

This website is operated by BIOLINK.CENTER LTD. The privacy of our users is extremely important to us and therefore we encourage all users to read this policy very carefully because it contains important information regarding:

• who we are;

• how and why we collect, store, use and share personal information;

• your rights in relation to your personal information; and

• how to contact us and supervisory authorities in the event that you have a complaint.

Who we are

BIOLINK.CENTER LTD ('we', 'us', 'our') collect, use and are responsible for storing certain personal information about you ('you', 'your', 'yours').

The personal information we collect and use

Personal information is information which you can be identified from (and does not include any anonymised forms of information).

1. Types of personal information

We may process the following types of personal information in relation to you:

Username, name, surname, email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers, IP addresses

How your personal information is collected

This section describes how the above types of personal information are collected by us. Your personal information will be collected as follows:

1. Personal information obtained from you directly

We will sometimes obtain information from you directly, including when you:

Subscribe to the newsletter, purchase a product, create a user profile, contact us using the 'contact us' chat service, enter your billing information.

2. Personal information obtained by use of cookies or other automated means

We will sometimes obtain information via automated technology. This shall be by use of cookies and other similar technology. A cookie is a small text file which is placed onto your computer or electronic device when you access our website. Similar technologies include web beacons, action tags, local shared objects ('flash cookies') and single-pixel gifs. Such technologies can be used to track users' actions and activities, and to store information about them. Usually this will be in order to monitor and obtain information regarding:

How many times a user visits the website, which pages a user visits, traffic data, location data.

On the first occasion that you use our site we will ask whether you consent to our use of cookies and/or other similar processing technologies. If you do not consent, such technologies will not be used. Thereafter you can opt-out of using cookies at any time or you can set your browser not to accept cookies. However, some of our website features may not function as a result.

For further information on our use of cookies and other similar technologies, please see our policy document as described below.

3. Additional sources

We shall collect personal information in relation to you from the following sources:

From our specialist mobile phone application; through your device ID on any personal devices; through social media sign ons; through location technology.

4. Changes to the way in which we collect your personal information

In the event that we need to obtain personal information in relation to you from any other source than those described above, we shall notify you of this.

How we use your personal information

1. General purposes

In general, your personal information will generally be processed for the following purposes:

(1) Clear consent has been given by website users for the use of their information for a specific purpose;

(2) the processing is necessary for the purposes of entering into a contract or for the purposes of a contract generally; or

(3) the processing is necessary to enable the website comply with a legal obligation (other than a contractual obligation); or

(4) the processing is necessary for the vital interests of a person (i.e to protect life); or

(5) the processing is necessary to preserve public interest; or

(6) the processing is necessary for the website's legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party, unless there is a good reason to protect the individual's data which overrides the website's legitimate interests.

2. Use of your information for marketing purposes

We have described above that one of the general purposes for which your data shall be processed is for our marketing purposes.

We wish to make you aware that you have the right to object or to opt-out of any direct marketing by:

Unsubscribing using the link contained on all emails;

contacting us on the email

3. Fraud prevention

We will undertake fraud checks via use of your personal information. This will involve sharing and working with Fraud Prevention Agencies. We do so to protect our own commercial interests (which is encompassed within our own legitimate interests as a business).

In general, your information will be used for fraud prevention purposes:

We will use your information for fraud prevention purposes (with Fraud Prevention Agencies) at the outset of any transaction.

Fraud prevention agencies can hold your personal information for different periods of time, the maximum period being six years.

Lawful basis for processing of your personal information

We have described above the purposes for which we may process your personal information. These purposes will at all times be justified by UK data protection law.

1. General lawful bases

The lawful basis upon which we are able to process your personal data are:

(1) where we have your consent to use your data for a specific purpose;

(2) where it is necessary to enter into a legal contract with you or to perform obligations under a legal contract with you;

(3) where it is necessary to enable us to comply with a legal obligation;

(4) where it is necessary to ensure our own legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party (provided that your own interests and rights do not override those interests). Wherever we rely upon this basis, details of the legitimate interests concerned shall be provided to you;

(5) where we need to protect your own vital interests (or the vital interests of another person); and/or

(6) where it is needed in the public interest (or where we are acting in our official functions), provided that the task or function has a clear basis in law.

In general, in order to meet the purposes we have described above, we will process your personal information where it is necessary to comply with legal obligations which we are required to adhere to.

2. Lawful bases specifically applicable to marketing

We are able to lawfully process your personal data for marketing purposes because it is in our legitimate interests to do so. Our legitimate interests relevant to our marketing needs are:

To ensure that we can promote our business;

to ensure that we can maintain and improve the standard of our products and services.

Sharing of your personal information

On any occasion where any of your personal information is shared with any third party, we shall only permit them to process such information for our required purposes, under our specific instruction, and not for their own purposes. We are required to enter into a formal legal agreement to enable such sharing to take place.

We may share your personal data with third parties for marketing purposes. These third parties will be:

When necessary, the results of future agreements will be shared and announced.

Our legitimate interest in sharing your personal information with third parties for marketing is:

To enhance the range of services we are able to provide;

To update and and optimise future marketing.

In order to meet the other purposes listed above, we may also share your information with additional third parties. These third parties will be:

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Necessity of information

Where information is requested from you and you do not provide this:

It may prevent you from using certain features of the website and/or receiving products.

We will inform you at the point of collecting information from you, whether you are required to provide the information to us.

How long your personal information will be kept

Your personal information will only be kept for the period of time which is necessary for us to fulfil the above purposes.

We envisage that your personal information shall be retained by us for the following:

Your personal information will be kept until the end of the legally obligatory period after you terminate your membership.

After the period described above, your information shall be properly deleted or anonymised.

Keeping your information secure

We will ensure the proper safety and security of your personal information and have measures in place to do so. We will also use technological and organisation measures to keep your information secure. These measures are as follows:

User account access is controlled by a unique username and password;

All data is stored on secure servers;

Payment details are encrypted using SSL.

We have proper procedures in place to deal with any data security breach, which shall be reported and dealt with in accordance with data protection laws and regulations. You shall also be notified of any suspected data breach concerning your personal information.

Use of your information outside of the United Kingdom

We have described above the purposes and lawful bases for which we process your personal information. In order to meet those needs, we may transfer your personal information outside of the United Kingdom.

Your personal information may be transferred to:

Our target audience is all legal, Private and legal personality. All countries to the extent permitted by UK Law. (For this; A meticulous decision-making mechanism is operated.)

The recipient country or countries listed above have been deemed by the United Kingdom to have adequate protection in place so that the security of your personal information can be maintained.


Our website is not intended for children (anybody under the age of 18). We do not intend to collect data from children.

Your rights

Under the UK General Data Protection Regulation you have a number of important rights free of charge. In summary, those include rights to:

(1) fair processing of information and transparency over how we use your use personal information;

(2) access to your personal information and to certain other supplementary information that this Privacy Statement is already designed to address;

(3) require us to correct any mistakes in your information which we hold;

(4) require the erasure of personal information concerning you in certain situations;

(5) receive the personal information concerning you which you have provided to us, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit this information to a third party in certain situations;

(6) object at any time to processing of personal information concerning you for direct marketing;

(7) object to decisions being taken by automated means which produce legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affect you;

(8) object in certain other situations to our continued processing of your personal information, or ask us to suspend the processing procedure in order for you confirm its assurance or our reasoning for processing it;

(9) object to processing our your personal information where we are doing so in reliance upon a legitimate interest of our own or of a third party and where you wish to raise to an objection to this particular ground;

(10) otherwise restrict our processing of your personal information in certain circumstances;

(11) claim compensation for damages caused by our breach of any data protection laws; and/or

(12) in any circumstance where we rely upon your consent for processing personal information, you may withdraw this consent at any time.

For further information on each of those rights, including the circumstances in which they apply, see the Guidance from the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) on your rights under the General Data Protection Regulations.

If you would like to exercise any of these rights please contact BIOLINK.CENTER TEAM in the following manner:

Contact us by sending a direct e-mail to or via the contact form at

Your Requirements

If you would like this policy in another format (for example: audio, large print, braille) please contact us using the details below.

Complaints procedure

We hope that we can resolve any query or concern you raise about our use of your information.

The UK General Data Protection Regulation also gives you right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. The supervisory authority in the United Kingdom is the Information Commissioner.

Changes to the privacy policy

This privacy policy was published on 22nd May 2023 and last updated on 23nd May 2023.

We may change this privacy policy from time to time and will notify you of any changes by:

By email if you have opted in to receive emails;

By a notice on the website header;

By a notice in the news section of the website.

Contacting us

The relevant person to contact regarding your personal information is: BIOLINK.CENTER TEAM.

Any requests or questions regarding the use of your personal information should be made to the above named person using the following method:

Contact us by sending a direct e-mail to or via the contact form at

Sources of further Information

This policy provides key information to you regarding the processed of your information. For certain areas of our information processing, we have further comprehensive details contained in other documentation. This information can be located as follows:

• Our policy regarding the use of cookies and other similar technologies entitled COOKIE POLICY can be located at:

• In addition, the following information should be noted:

As per the above description of our purpose and information sharing, we will use google maps as part of our service. Google maps operate under the following terms:

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